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You have specific questions about the tickets and can’t find the right answers among the questions listed below?

Contact us via tickets at bierdiplom dot com

During the Event

You have questions during the event? Are you unsure what is true? Just call us on the cell phone! Our number is on the back of the city and location guide!

For Pub Owner

We are not in your city or have not involved you yet?

Feel free to contact us via e-mail at info at hoersaal-events dot de

Start: Can I start later than the time I purchased?

The different start times are intended to prevent long waiting times and thus provide more safety. Therefore it is not possible to start at a later time. Should there be waiting times on site, we will of course take this into account during ticket control. The validity of the ticket expires 15 minutes after the purchased time.

Start: Why are there different start times?

We distribute the participants of the event to different times to avoid long waiting times both at the start and in the locations. In this way, we want to improve the process not only for the participants and restaurateurs, but also to ensure greater safety.

Start: Can I change the time after purchase?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Start: Is it possible to start after 20:00?

It is not possible to start after 20:00, because afterwards we are already on our way to the final location to prepare for the final exams.

Start: Do I have to pick up my ribbon and certificate personally at the start?

For reasons of youth protection, each participant must collect their certificate and participation ribbon in person. Participation is only allowed from the age of 18. There will be an ID check at the start!

Start: Do I have to bring my Bachelor's degree from the 2nd time?

At our event, Rule #13 is in the foreground. “No cheating!”
The event is and will always be a fun event where the focus is on getting to know the bar and pub / bar culture.

Therefore, you do not need to bring proof that you already have your bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate.

Just let us know your most recent degree when you start. You will then receive the next degree from us 🙂

Drinks: Are free drinks included in the participant fee or in the purchase of the ticket?

For the participation fee you will receive your certificate, the city and location guide, as well as free access to the final location.

Free drinks are NOT included in the participation fee!

Drinks/Stamps: Do I only get a stamp for the drinks on the price lists?

You get a stamp for the first drink you have in the bar! No matter if it is on our price lists or not! 🙂

Exam: How does the final exam work?

During the final exam, a creative group task has to be performed. You can let your creativity run free and influence your final grade. The more fun you have, the better!

Exam: Will I receive a certificate of completion?

The certificate you receive at the start is also your graduation certificate. On it you collect your stamps in the locations and receive after the final exam an entry with final grade. So you can always remember in which locations you have completed your beer bachelor “back then”. The Diploma tells the story of your studies!

Exam: Can I start directly with the doctor (PhD)?

It is not possible to skip degrees. You start with the Bierdiplom – the next degree follows in the next semester. The Bierdiplom takes place in the summer AND winter semester.

Exam: Why are there grayed out fields on my Bachelor transcript?

The grayed-out fields give you a glimpse into your beer bachelor’s future. With each degree, more fields are added for which you must collect stamps.

Exam: How long can we take our final exam in the final location?

You have 5 hours for the Bierdiplom. Since the last participants start at 20:00, the exams can be taken accordingly until 1:00 in the final location. For PhDs/Habilitation students, the time is extended by 1 hour accordingly.

Online VVK: How does the ticket dispatch work?

Tickets for the event are available online in the print@home variant. This means that you will receive an email with a PDF document from us after purchase. You can then simply print out the ticket at home. At the start the QR code on the ticket will be scanned.

Of course you can also buy a hard ticket at one of our ticket offices.

Online VVK: Can I transfer my online ticket?

Yes, you can also give your tickets to another person. As a ticket buyer, you do not have to be at the event in person. You do not have to change your name on the ticket.

Online VVK: I have not received an e-mail with my ticket after purchasing online. What now?

First of all, please check your spam folder again. If the mail with the tickets is not there, please check if you have entered your current mail address during the order process. If you entered the wrong one or if you did not receive the mail even though you entered the correct one, please send us an email and let us know your new/current email address.

Online VVK: When will I receive the jute bag(s) I bought online?

You will receive the jute bags at the start. There will be no shipping!
You can also buy the bags at the box office for 5€.

Online VVK: What shipping methods are available for ticket purchases?

In each city we offer print@home (free of charge). In addition, we also offer hard ticket shipping in some cities, again with the following two shipping options:

Standard Shipping & Insured Shipping

In the case of standard shipping within Germany, we will hand over your participant certificates to Deutsche Post via the normal route. In this case we can not be held responsible for the loss of your shipment.

In the case of insured shipping, the postal route is insured on our part, so that we pay for the lost tickets and send new ones.

Ticket: Can I pass on the ticket or is the ticket bound to my person?

Yes, you can also give your tickets to another person. As a ticket buyer, you do not have to be at the event in person. You do not have to change your name on the ticket.

*If the Bierdiplom is to be held under 2G conditions, the participant data must be entered in advance. Participant data may differ from the buyer. The buyer does not have to transfer the tickets.

Ticket: Cancel, exchange or change locations and times?

The tickets are in any case excluded from exchange, rebooking, change or cancellation.
However, you can give or sell your already purchased tickets to other people. Remember to change the personalized data via the link we will send you.

Testimonial shipping: how does it work and what is it?

You will already receive your certificate at the start. Each certificate tells its own course of study.

To make sure that the certificate reaches you undamaged after the celebration, we offer to send it to you:

In doing so, you hand in your certificate to us after the final exam (we have prepared an envelope with your name on it for this purpose).
We seal the envelope and send your certificate to your home in the coming days after the Bierdiplom.

You can continue to celebrate in peace and do not have to carry the certificate with you.

Note: it is not a separate certificate, because you already receive the certificate at the start from us.