how it all started

History of the event


In 2007, the first fellow students set off for a semester abroad in the Finnish city of Jyväskylä. Inspired by numerous anecdotes, Daniel, the founder, and a fellow student were drawn to the north the following year – motivated above all by their love of skiing. Once in Finland, however, Daniel quickly realized that a semester abroad has more to offer than frozen water. He heard from fellow local students about a big event where students paraded through the bars in Jyväskylä to “graduate.”

On only two mornings, the pre-sale took place under the strict condition that everyone was only allowed to buy two tickets. Because: The tickets were in great demand! After standing in line for 30 minutes, Daniel held two tickets in his hands for 10 euros each – not suspecting that these tickets were to be the cornerstone for the beer diploma.

The event was a happening. Long lines formed everywhere, the bars were crowded and the waiting times were long. But what appeared negative on the outside was one thing above all: pure fun! In the queues, Daniel met numerous new people, made new friends and had a great time with his friends. The students in Jyväskylä made the evening a unique memory of a great time in Finland with their good mood, costumes and open-mindedness.

Deeply impressed by this experience, Daniel met the Finnish organizing team of AISEC in the following days and had the concept explained to him. Packed with information, motivation and positive impressions, he returned to Osnabrück at the end of the semester. Here, Daniel and his fellow student presented the concept of the Wiwi student council. Put off by the amount of work involved, the student council did not want to organize the event in Osnabrück. A decision for which our founder is grateful today. Daniel started 2009 with the organization of the Bierdiplom in Osnabrück. 

13 bars and one club were part of the first Bierdiplom  – which started under the name “Cheers in 10 – das Bierdiplom”. The first 200 participants in the history of the Bierdiplom gathered on a Thursday. Not everyone managed to graduate – but they celebrated anyway! After the event had established itself in Osnabrück, a smaller event, the “Altstadt Edition”, was created in 2013. Since then, Osnabrück’s old town has become the central location for the event one Friday a year outside of the lecture period. The number of participants increased from year to year for both events, more and more locations took part and a second club was also found as an end location. In 2014, the Bierdiplom started with two end locations for the first time – an opportunity for participants to choose according to their music preferences. A year later, a new layout followed under the name “Bierdiplom”. In 2015, more than 20 bars and three clubs took part in the Bierdiplom for the first time.

The second founder, Miro, joined the team in 2016. As head of gastronomy at one of the participating locations, he had been familiar with the event himself for years and, together with Daniel, set about implementing the idea of bringing the Bierdiplom to other university cities in Germany. The concept was adapted to the younger generation and launched for the first time in Bielefeld and Oldenburg in the summer semester of 2017 under the name “Bier Bachelor”. Siegen, Mainz, Hanover, Hildesheim, Giessen, Braunschweig and Heidelberg followed in the winter semester. In 2019, Miro left and Adrien took over the implementation of the concept with Daniel and their team. The Cocktail Bachelor is now an integral part of the “concept family”. Since 2019, countless cities have joined and survived coronavirus. Together, we are strengthening local gastronomy, pub culture and pub diversity.
A success story that continues to be written by you and whose end is far from in sight. Because if they haven’t died, they’re still celebrating their end.